Aerobic Timetable


Aerobic Timetable

A full description of our aerobic classes is below the timetable.

Aerobic Classes


A mat based class designed to improve posture and strength. There is a focus on the abdominals and lower back, using a series of lengthening and stretching exercises


A fun calorie-burning workout to music in the pool

Tone Zone

This class concentrates on both aerobic and muscular fitness using a variety of techniques and formats

Cardio Tone

Using a variety of cardiovascular forms, this class will burn loads of calories and work your muscles at the same time


This class sorts the men from the boys. This class comprises of various stations focusing on improving muscle endurance and stamina. Challenge yourself

Swiss ball

Use the Swiss balls to achieve great toning results top to toe. Great fun

Body Conditioning

All over body toning to improve muscular strength and endurance. Using equipment including weights, bands and body bars


A fat burning cardio workout class to a variety of great music aimed at improving stamina and fitness

Step Intervals

A fun fat burning cardio workout using the step platform and energising music

Yoga Fusion

A sequence of yoga based moves designed to increase flexibly and promote strength


A bike based class on our GX Lifecycle indoor bikes. Varying classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals and high intensity training

Pilates, Stretch and Relax

Improve your posture, balance, flexibility and core and back strength. Gentle exercise ending in relaxation

All 4 Core

Matt based core, strength & balance session. Some weeks include the use of therabands and swissballs.


A high intensity based class which is designed to push your own personal limits, working on cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance

H.I.T. Mix

A high intensity class giving you a full body workout, working on your cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance