Dog Laws

Dog-related laws every owner should know (PDSA)

Dog laws aim to keep you, your dog, and everyone else safe and happy. Most people will be following the law just by being responsible pet owners. However, knowing the laws can be helpful, and they're essential to protect our pets.

Dog laws don't just cover criminal offences - such as animal cruelty or livestock worrying - they also cover most areas of your dog's life, including breeding, walking, boarding kennels and microchipping.

Understanding dog laws can be a real minefield – there are so many laws that can affect dog owners, which you might not be aware of. We've broken down some of the most important laws that affect dog owners. Of course, we can't cover everything in this list, and laws are constantly changing, so make sure you check what regulations apply in your area.

If you're worried that you may have broken a dog law or need legal advice, speak to a lawyer (ideally one who specialises in dog law) to get more in-depth information and help.

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