Community Care – AGM

East Leake Community Care

The AGM of East Leake Community Care Association will be held on Monday 11 October 2021 at St Mary’s Church Hall, East Leake, beginning at 8 pm


1. Welcome & Apologies

2. Minutes of AGM 12 October 2020

3. Matters Arising

4. Treasurer’s Report

5. Election of the Auditor

6. Covid Response

7. Summary of Reports Received from:

· Befriending Group

· Carer’s Sitting Service

· Memory Cafe

· Shopper’s Bus

· Afternoon Tea & Cakes

· Bereaved Friends Group

8. Chairman’s Report

9. Election of Hon. Secretary

10. Election of Hon. Treasurer

11. Election of Committee Members

12. Any Other Business

AGM 2020

    What a year! A year ago who would have imagined what has happened since the Covid -19
    pandemic started. With all the changes however the Community Care Association has remained
    ready to support the village of East Leake through this difficult time. The foundations of the
    Association laid at its inception in 1973 have proved invaluable.
    I hope all committee members will have received the reports from the organisers of our various
    services prior to this meeting, our first ever on Zoom thanks to our secretary Donna.
    For those of you who have not had sight of the reports they will be posted on the web site and
    possible Facebook. Thank you to every one who has written their report and thank you too for your
    hard work and commitment to your service.
    During lockdown all our face to face services had to be closed down, however some services were
    able to continue on a limited basis throughout.
    Volunteer Driver Car Scheme
    Just before lockdown was announced all of our drivers were written to and those in the vulnerable
    category were stood down. Others were given the option, if they felt safe, to continue with safety
    measures in place.
    The Parish Council kindly sent out a message from us in a leaflet to the whole village reminding
    people that Community Care was ready to help if needed and appealing for new volunteers to help
    deliver our services. We were fortunate to have several people volunteer and some took on a
    driving role for us. The new drivers have been wonderful, and our regular drivers who felt able to
    continue have been amazing too. Thank you so much all of you for stepping up to this challenge.
    Gisela, who has taken over responsibility for new drivers from Steven, inducted the new drivers
    and previously produced an up dated driver’s information leaflet.
    Sadly Steven is stepping down from the committee this time. He has been a stalwart of the
    committee, volunteering for recruitment events, producing the drivers id badges including his new
    super one with lanyard, being responsible for organising our message on the Health Centre
    revolving notice board, being a volunteer driver and assisting his wife when she was our Hon Sec
    plus countless other tasks too numerous to mention here. I hope he wont mind me saying that his
    own health has not been good of late but even during this time he has still been prepared to help.
    Steven, we will miss you, but know you will still be there for the occasional task, thank you so
    At the beginning of the year we decided to carry out another passenger survey, unfortunately this
    could not be completed but the few forms that had been returned were full of praise for our drivers
    and the scheme.
    We held a recruitment stall at the Coop to advertise our services and to recruit new volunteers;
    revised the mobility leaflet which is widely used by the Health Centre and were in the process of
    updating our policies before Covid19 struck, hopefully this task will be completed over the coming
    year. We received a County Councillor grant for a Nobo board for use by the Memory Cafe but the
    purchase of this has unfortunately also had to be put on hold.
    Area Organisers
    Our AO’s have played an important role during lockdown, keeping in contact with vulnerable
    persons in their areas.  It is with deep sadness that I report the death of Mary Lucas, an Area Organiser of long standing, respected, kind and caring.  Heather who volunteered for us during lockdown has agreed to take over Mary’s old area and will take over after the AGM.  Towards the end of last year Sheila stepped down from her post as Area Organiser. An Area Organiser for many years, she was committed to her area going the extra mile for the residents on her patch, thank you, for all you did. We were very fortunate that Ailsa has been Area organiser for that area since and like Christine, Hazel ,Kaye and Vicki is doing a tremendous job.
    Transport Book.  During lockdown the book which is usually passed between the holders of the book fortnightly, was held by only two people. . This was done to prevent contact and possible transmission of virus. The book holders task is not always straight forward and was even more complicated this year by the
    challenges of the journeys and reduced bank of drivers. Thank you, for your help during this time,
    it really has been appreciated.
    Covid-19 has governed so much of what the Association does, but with the assistance of our lovely
    volunteers both old and new we have :-
    Collected and delivered prescriptions and medication, shopped and delivered, walked dogs,
    watered plants, provided help and support over the telephone to lonely and shielding people,
    worked in partnership with East Leake Parish Council and the Food bank. A great many of these
    tasks continue.
    22 new volunteers plus many of our existing volunteers did a wonderful job during lockdown and i
    thank every one of them from the bottom of my heart. Your willingness, patience in the first few
    weeks when we were all finding our way and your commitment was amazing. I hope one day we
    will be able to get you together to thank you properly.
    Thank you to Donna our Secretary and Barry our Treasurer for their help. Donna, thank you for
    organising our first ever Zoom AGM
    This year has proved to be one in which we have faced a great challenge but thanks to our
    wonderful volunteers we have more than met that challenge.
    Not the year I had envisaged either but it has been very rewarding and I am proud of and grateful
    to be part of this fantastic organisation – East Leake Community Care Association.
    Maggie Gordon. October 2020
  • Community Care would welcome volunteers for all our various activities, details of these can be seen on the village web site or by contacting 01509 853866. 


  • Bereaved Friends Group Report AGM 2020.
    The group continued as usual until March 2020 when we all had to comply with lockdown
    regulations because of the Corona Virus pandemic.  Our meetings held in the Health Centre continued fortnightly, Christmas festivities including a meal at Loughborough College were enjoyed and plans were being made for Summer activities and outings. Visits to newly bereaved people requested by the Health Centre were made and books on coping with bereavement were lent out.  Since March no meetings have taken place but group members have been contacted on a regular basis and members encouraged to phone each other and to remain in contact.  Our members have generally coped well with lockdown but look forward to the time when we can all meet in person again and resume our meetings.
    For further information please contact 01509 853866.
  • Befriending Group Report AGM 2020.
    At the beginning of this reporting time this group was really taking off with 14 Befrienders’ and 14
    Befriendees’ on the list.  The visits made by our befrienders have been very much appreciated; since lockdown contact has had to be restricted to regular weekly phone calls – not the same but the best that can be done at
    this moment.  As the year progressed due to new work commitments we lost Kirsty from the group of visitors but gained Melissa, Janet ,Diana, Tony and Tony.  Sadly during the year four friends have gone into long term care and even more sadly one has died.  I am so grateful to all the befrienders who go above and beyond to support and cheer up their friends in such a difficult time for everyone but especially for those where personal contact was already limited. We all look forward to the time when face to face visits can be resumed.


  • Carer’s Sitting service AGM Report 2020
    This really important and rewarding service has also had to be suspended since
    March 2020 due to Covid 19.  Prior to lockdown five sits were being undertaken; three of these continue by
    telephone contact only and once again we sadly record the death of another cared
    for person.  The remaining fifth sit is one that has been in place weekly since 2010, sadly for the
    family and for us, the cared for person has now gone into long term care. Thank
    you to Jane, Linda, Ann and others who have helped with this sit for so many years.
    The sits prior to and by telephone since Covid 19 are invaluable to the carer giving
    some respite from day in day out care and are greatly appreciated.  My sincere thanks go to the very dedicated and caring group of volunteers who carry out this service .
    If any more information is required about this service either by carers or by would
    be volunteers please phone – 01509 853866.