Community Care – AGM

East Leake Community Care

Chair Report 2023

This year we celebrated our 50 year anniversary of the East Leake Community Care Association.

The early 1970s was a period of uncertainty everywhere, when the oil crisis and the 3-day week impacted the economy, and the mood, on both the national and the personal level. It was also, in East Leake, a period of expansion when the population grew by nearly a thousand, which seriously diluted the local sense of identity.

A number of individuals sought to deal with this by bringing people together within the village framework. This was the origin of the Community Care Association, which still continues to offer various services to the village.

Over the years, our services have changed but our objectives remain the same.

In May, Mrs Mayles wanted to say thank you to the association and had invited its members for an afternoon tea in the St Mary’s church hall. About thirty of the volunteers happily attended and enjoyed the cakes and beverages.

The association itself wanted to invite the community to celebrate their 50th anniversary and offered tea and cakes in conjunction with the Methodist Church coffee morning at the beginning of September. We spoke to many villagers who were very happy to take us up on the offer.

Some of our volunteers, Belinda, Penny and Ailsa have worked hard to produce a new village directory, which advertises our services and at the same time gives information on organisation in the village.

As we are a volunteer organisation, we would not exist, if it weren’t for you, the volunteers, and I want to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who has given their time for the good of the community.