Community Care – Services and Support

Afternoon Tea and Cakes

Afternoon tea and cakes every Wednesday afternoon 2.30-3.30pm in the Methodist Church Hall.

All are very welcome to join us for homemade cakes, tea and coffee or please do feel free to drop in just for a chat. You will be assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

Near Christmas we are often given the pleasure of watching Brookside children sing their carols to us.

For details of any of the above please contact Maggie Gordon 01509 853866

Bereaved Friends Group

Our name describes us, that is the group, people who get together for friendship and support, knowing that although each person’s experience of bereavement is individual there will be empathy and understanding. We do not offer counselling but there is always someone ready to listen. We meet up alternate Thursdays from 2.30-3.30pm in the East Leake Parish Council Office. Please do pop in.


Equipment Loan

  • Wheelchairs: We have a number of wheelchairs of varying type for short-term loan or just a few hours, but these are mainly for use in conjunction with the transport scheme.
  • Walking Frames: there are a number of frames available for loan.
  • Portable Display Board: Available for loan to any village organisation.

For more details contact Richard Pickering 01509 853813.

Carers’ Support Sitting Service

Our aim is two fold – to be a companion and change of face for the person being cared for and to give the carer a much needed break, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is safe and happy. We offer a sit of 2 hours to allow the full time carer a chance to have a few hours off. Community Care is fortunate to have a small number of dedicated volunteers who have given years of much appreciated commitment to the group.

If you would like information about any of the above please contact Maggie Gordon  on 01509 853866.  Also please look at the below poster for support for anyone involved in dementia support.

…please contact Anne Prothero to visit the Memory Cafe on 01509 559797

M.E./CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which includes other fatigue states)

If you have been diagnosed with M.E./CFS or your Dr suspects you may have it, and you would like to just talk to others in a similar situation for support and sharing, there are many M.E. Facebook Group pages for sufferers.  The ME Association (UK) and ME Action (worldwide) have a great deal of helpful information for sufferers and the general public to raise awareness and support. There are also many support groups on Facebook for all ages, carers/parents and others.  There are very few local groups but there is MESH (M.E. Self Help FB group) in Nottingham which are run by sufferers whose energy is unpredictable, and the ME Assoc has a Help Line – ME Connect Tel: 0344 576 5326.