East Leake Banner Group

Tbannerhe Millennium Banners were the starting point for this group in 2000. The original group was formed by Mary Jackson, who was also the designer and coordinator for these banners.

The banner originally was designed as one, but as time progressed the back became as interesting as the front and it was therefore decided to have two banners. These can be joined together for parades. The banners were paraded through the village on 27th November 1999, stopping at all churches for a short prayer and with the full dedication service in the Baptist Church. The parade was lead by the Trinity Methodist Boys Brigade Band.
The banner is shared throughout the year by East Leake Churches Together.

When the banners were completed it was decided to carry on making items for all churches in East Leake. So far, an Altar Frontal, Four Stoles, a Lectern Fall, eight Chalice Veils / Burse sets and two large banners have been made.

The group’s chosen charity is Rainbows Children’s Hospice in Loughborough. We raise funds at both, Easter and Christmas, making cards and gifts.

Group meetings

The group meets twice a month

The first Thursday evening 7.30 – 9.30 pm in the Methodist Church
The third Tuesday afternoon 2.00 – 4.00 pm in the Catholic Parish Room

Each Church has a representative:

Catholic Church Ann Sharpe
Anglican Church Mary Lucas
Methodist Church Anne Williamson
Baptist Church Dorothy Hallam