What is guiding?

Guiding is a game – with a purpose. It provides opportunities for girls and young women to be challenged by new adventures and experiences and achieve a sense of pride in accomplishment and teaches them to understand and learn about the world, its people and cultures. Girlguiding in East Leake is thriving. 160 girls attend one of the 8 units in the village led by 25 adults.

The Units – Rainbows : Brownies : Guides : Senior Section : Adult Helpers

Links – Girlguiding UK Headquarters London : Nottinghamshire Girlguiding


Rainbows are girls aged five to seven years old. We are the youngest members of Girlguiding UK

Being a Rainbow is all about having lots of fun. At our meetings we do lots of things like play games, go outside, make things, sing songs and listen to stories. Most of all Rainbows look, learn, laugh and love. Sometimes we go to special places, or have parties. There are always exciting things to do, and it is great seeing your Rainbow friends.

There is one Rainbow Unit in East Leake

6th East Leake Rainbows meet on a Wednesday 



Being a Brownie is all about having loads of fun and a huge adventure! To be a Brownie you have just got to be a girl aged between seven and 10 years old. Brownies meet together in a Pack most weeks. The Pack is made up of small groups called Sixes. A Six is a group of friends that has a great time together. You have a special badge to show what Six you belong to. The Pack is run by a Guider and a team of adult leaders. They look after you and make sure you have a great time on your Brownie Adventure.

There are 3 Brownie Packs in East Leake

1st East Leake (St. Mary’s) Brownies meet on a Monday and can be contacted at
3rd East Leake (Methodist) Brownies meet on a Wednesday
5th East Leake Brownies meet on a Tuesday


Guides do many different exciting things:

Guides get the chance to go camping or go places, and we don’t just mean down the high street. We’re talking serious national and international travel. Guides get to take part in fab events like the Football Festival or Big Gig. Guides get a say and make things happen. Guides look out for themselves and their mates. Guides also get to make great friends out of school. Guides help people out – whether it’s a sponsored abseil down a cliff for the local hospital, or teaming up with other young people to clean out a canal. Guides make a Promise that is shared with other Guides all over the world. Guides help change the world!

There are 2 Guide Units in East Leake

1st East Leake Guides meet on a Thursday and can be contacted at
2nd East Leake Guides meet on a Wednesday and can be contacted at

Senior Section

The Senior Section is the section of Girlguiding UK for young women aged 14 to 26. You can become a member of the section any time on or after your 14th birthday, and your membership ends on your 26th birthday.

Unlike other sections of Girlguiding UK, there are lots of ways that you can be a member of this section. You could become a: Ranger Young Leader – helps with the younger girls Young Guider

Adult Helpers – How Can I Help?

Girlguiding is run by volunteers ranging from Mums, Dads, and friends helping out through to regular Unit Helpers, Guiders, Secretaries, Treasurers and Commissioners, each putting in time which is valued by the girls. To be a helper you don’t need any special training, you just need to come and help out, and have fun. You might help out at one meeting per term for around 1 hour per week, or give more time if you can. The main thing is that Girlguiding is fun for both the girls and helpers. If you find you are really enjoying taking part and want to take things further we offer help and training on all parts of our programme, enabling you to pass on your skills and knowledge to help the girls both now and in the future.

Guiders and helpers are respected members of the community and are appreciated not only by the girls and their parents, but in other walks of life including employers. Volunteering with Girlguiding shows a sense of responsibility, a sense of community spirit, a sense of commitment and an awareness of life, all valued attributes.

Girlguiding UK operates a “Safe from Harm” policy to safeguard all members while participating in guiding activities and all adults helping are required to abide by this. All those with unsupervised access to members will need to complete a volunteer registration process.