Aerobic Timetable

Under the new guidance we are no longer able to hold exercise classes indoors so all our classes will be held either outside or online.

Our online classes will take place using Microsoft teams.

To join our online classes:

  • Download the Microsoft teams app either on your phone tablet or desktop and create an account.
  • Call the leisure centre to book into the class you wish to take part in.
  • We will check your email address is correct on our system.
  • You will then receive an email half an hour before the class is due to start with a link to the class.
  • During the class please make sure you mute your microphone so only the instructor can be heard.
  • To have the instructor on full screen tap or click on the three dots near the East Leake Leisure name and select pin.

Please note that we will not be able to take any bookings for classes any later then half an hour before the class is due to start.

For classes that will take place outside we ask that all customers call and pre book for their class and continue to que outside the Leisure Centre where we will check you in. As classes will be outside we recommend that you wear warmer clothing. Please respect the 2 meter distance rule throughout our leisure facilities.

Before taking part in these classes please read our disclaimer below.

Exercise General Disclaimer

East Leake Leisure Centre strongly recommends that you consult with ...
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Pilates A mat based class designed to improve posture and strength. There is a focus on the abdominals and lower back, using a series of lengthening and stretching exercises

Aquacise A fun calorie-burning workout to music in the pool

Circuits This class sorts the men from the boys. This class comprises of various stations focusing on improving muscle endurance and stamina. Challenge yourself
Aerobics A fat burning cardio workout class to a variety of great music aimed at improving stamina and fitness
Step Intervals A fun fat burning cardio workout using the step platform and energising music
Yoga Fusion A sequence of yoga based moves designed to increase flexibly and promote strength
LifeCycle A bike based class on our GX Lifecycle indoor bikes. Varying classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals and high intensity training
Pilates, Stretch and Relax Improve your posture, balance, flexibility and core and back strength. Gentle exercise ending in relaxation
All 4 Core Matt based core, strength & balance session. Some weeks include the use of therabands and swissballs.
T3 Blast Innovative bodyweight exercises focused on multi-planar strength and power, engineered to improve power endurance, work capacity and movement skill.
T3 Shred The tri-planar, multi-directional metabolic circuit programmed to define muscle and shred fat using the latest small equipment
T3 Pump  Using weight plates and bar bells, perform dynamic and resisted movement designed to build serious strength endurance, burn calories and tax aerobic fitness
T3 Sprint Explosive sport-specific sprint training, blending strength-speed, speed-strength and power endurance complexes
Kettlebells The kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a handle attached to the top. It is used to perform many types of exercises including ballistic exercises that combine cardio-vascular, strength and flexibility training. This class targets the posterior and anterior kinetic chains using a selection of diverse exercises.

Aerobicon This class is a mixture of aerobics and body conditioning. This class uses a variety of body weight exercises and is designed to increase cardio-vascular fitness.

Yoga Try some simple meditation, including breathing control and specific bodily postures to help with health and relaxation
Aqua HITT A water based high intensity workout designed to burn fat and strengthen your muscles.

Aerobics timetable