Aerobic Timetable

Below is our Aerobics class timetable and a brief description of what each class entails. Please ensure you call and book to guarantee your space. 

Before taking part in these classes please read our disclaimer below.

Exercise General Disclaimer

East Leake Leisure Centre strongly recommends that you consult with ...
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  • LifeCycle A bike based class on our GX Lifecycle indoor bikes. Varying classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals and high intensity training
  • Pilates A mat based class designed to improve posture and strength. There is a focus on the abdominals and lower back, using a series of lengthening and stretching exercises
  • Aquacise A fun calorie-burning workout to music in the pool
  • Aerobics A fat burning cardio workout class to a variety of great music aimed at improving stamina and fitness
  • Step Intervals A fun fat burning cardio workout using the step platform and energising music
  • Yoga Fusion A sequence of yoga based moves designed to increase flexibly and promote strength
  • Pilates, Stretch and Relax Improve your posture, balance, flexibility and core and back strength. Gentle exercise ending in relaxation
  • All 4 Core Matt based core, strength & balance session. Some weeks include the use of therabands and swissballs.
  • T3 Blast Innovative bodyweight exercises focused on multi-planar strength and power, engineered to improve power endurance, work capacity and movement skill.
  • T3 Shred The tri-planar, multi-directional metabolic circuit programmed to define muscle and shred fat using the latest small equipment
  • T3 Pump Using weight plates and bar bells, perform dynamic and resisted movement designed to build serious strength endurance, burn calories and tax aerobic fitness
  • T3 Sprint Explosive sport-specific sprint training, blending strength-speed, speed-strength and power endurance complexes
  • Yoga Try some simple meditation, including breathing control and specific bodily postures to help with health and relaxation
  • Aqua HITT A water based high intensity workout designed to burn fat and strengthen your muscles

Cancelation Policy:

When making a booking please be aware of our cancelation policy: You must give us as much notice as possible if you are no longer able to attend the session you are booked into. Failing to notify us will result in you being CHARGED for that session even if you have a membership. If you are found to repeatedly not show and not cancel, then your booking rights will be suspended after a week until the charge is paid.