Meadow Park

Meadow Park is almost eighteen hectares of open countryside which used to be farmed by the Kirk family. In 1995, they gave the land to the village to be a permanent leisure facility for local residents and it is now owned by Rushcliffe Borough Council. The Borough Council retains responsibility for maintaining the park boundaries and for any major work which may become necessary, but since 2009 the day to day management of the park has been in the hands of East Leake Parish Council.

The Millstone Sculpture (created 2003). The millstone was found in the brook by Severn Trent engineers in the early 1990s, when they were laying a sewer for the new housing development on Gotham Road, and at the request of the Parish Council it was kept as a reminder of East Leake’s past. Although there is no known record of a watermill in the village, it is reasonable to suppose that that is how the stone originated, and it was chosen to be the focal point for a piece of “Community Sculpture” designed and supervised by Xceptional Designs, who specialise in working with community groups. Nottinghamshire County Council environment officers were so impressed that they used the water splash motif when they renewed the bridge-work at the entrance to the park.

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If you want to visit the page for more information, just click on the page and you will be linked to Meadow Park Facebook page. Friends of Meadow Park

Just by being a Friend of Meadow Park you are supporting us and showing an interest.  We are pleased to have over 200 members.  Once a month members receive an email giving an outline of what is currently happening in the park.  Members who have time to help meet on the second Saturday of each month (except August). They do some of the jobs that the Borough or Parish Council would never budget for, creating the shrub border by the main entrance for instance, or pollarding overgrown willow trees, or wild flower planting, and endless clearing and tidying.  In the process new skills are acquired and friendships made, not a bad spin-off for a few hours exercise!

How can I join? You must be over 16 years of age to be an individual member. Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this leaflet and pay the minimum subscription of £3 per year for an individual.For family/household membership the subscription is £5 a year and covers all ages. For more information: Contact the Secretary by email: or through the Parish Office, tel: 01509 852217, or have a look on the village website,                      

You can also follow us on Facebook. As a member you will get email updates once a month and two newsletters a year.  Information about our working parties will be included in the monthly email, but there is no obligation to join the working group.  We appreciate the support of our members.

Hours of work put in by our volunteers:

N.B. All the work we do is in accordance with the requirements of the Management Plan drawn up by the Borough Council.

  • In 2019 the total was 765 hours
  • In 2018 the total was 603 hours
  • In 2017 the total was 497 hours
  • In 2016 the total was 380 hours
  • In 2015 the total was 404 hours
  • In 2014 the total was 339 hours
  • In 2013 the total was 303 hours
  • In 2012 the total was 383 hours
  • In 2011 the total was 386 hours.

Facebook link Meadow Park Facebook page is available here. You can catch up on news and information.